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The New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council was formed in 1998 and is the only state and federally recognized Labor Council representing all facets of law enforcement in New Jersey. We represent officers from municipal police departments all the way up to the federal sector.

The Labor Council is represented by several retired law enforcement officers with over 300 years of labor experience. The staff consists of 5 staff representatives who negotiate contracts, handle grievances and unfair labor practice charges, assist bargaining units in the preparation of contract proposals and answer other labor related questions. We also have one of the top labor attorneys in the state representing our membership during interest arbitration, grievance arbitration and any other matters that may be brought before the Public Employment Relations Commission (P.E.R.C.) or state or federal courts.

The Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council is a representative organization that operates at the advice and consent of the members. The members decide on issues that best benefit them with the advice and information supplied by the Labor Council.

By joining the Labor Council, you will always know exactly what it costs for your representation. It allows your unit to budget your contract finances and eliminates the need to settle for less in your contract because of financial constraints.

You pay a monthly amount which includes any and all costs for representation, arbitration fees, attorney’s fees, filing fees, and any other costs that may be incurred to protect and enforce the level of benefits you deserve and work hard to attain.

These are decided by you, the member, at the yearly Labor Council conference. So give us a call and become a member of the most efficient and effective labor advocate for all of law enforcement.