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Executive Director's Message

From the Director’s Desk...

My career in law enforcement began more than 30 years ago, and I was president of my lodge for 10 of those years. I negotiated three successful contracts during my tenure as president, and served as a board member and chairman of the FOP NJ Labor Council from 2004-2010. I earned an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Brookdale Community College, a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Thomas Edison State College, and a Master’s degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickenson University. I am also a graduate of the West Point Command and Leadership program and a graduate of the Certified Public Manager program from Fairleigh Dickenson University.

In 1998 the Fraternal Order of Police New Jersey Labor Council was formed to organize, negotiate, and train its members in their pursuit of better wages and benefits achieved through equitable collective bargaining agreements.

Today labor issues eclipse legal defense in the day to day operations of any lodge. Lodge’s that cannot adequately address the labor needs of their members will struggle and fall behind the others. Individual lodges cannot adequately afford to do it on their own. They simply do not have the financial resources or expertise in this complex arena. Membership in the Labor Council changes all of that. The combined resources of our members and the knowledge and expertise of the Labor Council’s staff offset the pressures on individual lodges (bargaining units), and provides the services necessary to effectively represent our members’ interests. The FOP NJ Labor Council is steadfast in its determination to improve working conditions for all officers in New Jersey. We stand ready to assist member lodges on all labor matters.

Regardless of the size of your department or your geographical location within the state, there are common issues that impact each and every law enforcement professional. Some of these issues are:

The FOP NJ Labor Council will be there to advise and assist our Labor Council brothers and sisters in all cases.

Our members are protected 24 hours a day, by a staff of 4 full-time, professional representatives and supported by one of the most reputable attorney's office in New Jersey who have demonstrated an outstanding record of successful legal decisions. We represent law enforcement professionals exclusively, and when our members want an expert, they call in the FOP NJ Labor Council.

Recently, several lodges have joined the Council. We welcome them to the FOP NJ LC family. There are several pledged to join in the near future. The goal is for every member of the NJ FOP to have access to full labor services. It is a benefit each NJ FOP member has the right to enjoy. The only way to get that is through your Lodge’s membership in the FOP NJ Labor Council.

Contact our state office at 609-599-3222 for membership information and join the fastest growing law enforcement labor organization in New Jersey. You’ll be glad you did!

Nick Barbella, Executive Director
FOP NJ Labor Council